I'm interested in ideas and possibilities, logical reasoning, and complex problem-solving. I respect systems and strategy while being open to spontaneity and rebellion. I'm a grounded dreamer and ferociously independent.

    I strive to improve myself and the systems I work within. My analytical skills are most rewarding when used to help others. I look for ways to be helpful to others while maintaining the determination to achieve my own goals.

    I enjoy my comfort zones and push myself to experience new things. I respect traditional values while remaining open to new and better ways. I lean on trusted and proven methods while expecting innovation and evolution.

  • I’m 60% introvert and 40% extrovert
  • I value honesty and integrity
  • It is important to me to understand the bigger picture
  • It is important to me to be of service to others
  • I work first, play later
  • I'm always prepared,
  • I keep myself organized
  • I increase my knowledge and understanding
  • I use my imagination
  • I prefer to work in a calm, quiet office
  • I value my privacy
  • I let others start conversations
  • I speak up
  • I ask questions
  • I like to cooperate
  • I like to listen
  • I like to be heard
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I value honesty, integrity and clear communication. I govern a genuine desire to understand people and their needs. I'm passionate, punctual, patient and professional.

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