I Build Shopify E-commerce Solutions.

  • I will install and customize your Shopify theme.
  • I will build you a custom headless CMS integration.
  • I will add your products, pricing and copy to your store.
  • I will research and install the ideal Shopify apps to ensure the best functionality for your store.
  • I will integrate your current CMS, bookkeeping and inventory management systems.
  • I will maximize your SEO.
  • For Bricks and Mortar Retailers.

  • I ran my own bricks and mortar retail businesses for over 12 years.
  • I understand the successes and struggles of location dependant retailers.
  • I spent the last 10 years learning web development and e-commerce strategies.
  • I love helping people grow their audience and increase sales through e-commerce.
  • Will we work well together?

  • Yes, if you are honest, passionate and committed.
  • Yes, if you crave change and growth.
  • Yes, if you are always learning and improving.
  • Yes, if you do your best to communicate your wants and needs.
  • Yes, if you get shit done.
  • Work with me

    I value honesty, integrity and clear communication. I govern a genuine desire to understand people and their needs. I'm passionate, punctual, patient and professional.

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